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The PebbleBee New Technology for Keeping Up With Personal Items

pebblebee-icon I need about a million of these! I live with people that cannot keep track of anything! I am constantly looking for all sort of items that they have misplaced.

This small round and thin device can be placed on any mobile item with a hook, key ring, stick or the PebbleBee’s adhesive back!  The PebbleBee can assist in locating lost items (with attached Bee), monitor tracking, movement, temperature, navigation and numerous other features that assist in everyday management of personal items!

The PebbleBee’s revolutionary “Range Finder” will assist in alerting you when any mobile item (including children or pets) has crossed over the configured range.  By setting up the range alert paired with your location, your mobile device will alert you when the item has crossed over the configured range of up to 150 feet.  The PebbleBee will alert you with a “Buzz” or “ring” or even “spark with a LED internal flash to aid in finding your item-it’s your choice.  The PebbleBee App (free) will indicate how close you are to the item of interest based on a signal bar and Bee rings.  Think, pet collars, children’s backpacks or necklaces, laptops, bikes, cars the items are endless.

Another feature is the PebbleBee Hornet’s motion detection ability that assists in monitoring home security, location of children or pets, health/fitness, numerous sports applications, navigation and commercial/industrial monitoring for safety applications.  It has a 9 Axis Motion Tracker and thermometer sensors that when paired with your phone it can provide data on movement, direction, speed, navigation and tracking the user.  In combination with your phone’s GPS the possibilities are endless.  You can configure defined alerts that let you know if the temperature is dropping outside to bring your plants in, where your cat has traveled at night, if your jogging speed drops below your threshold and more!!!  The data can be viewed live and/or saved to a file for replay.  Track your awesome moments on the ski slopes, or put the PebbleBee on a door to know when it is being opened.  The applications are unlimited!

Should you lose your item at the airport?  No problem, with the PebbleBee network an alert will sent to all PebbleBee users who can assist in locating the item for you.  You can also integrate your swarm of PebbleBees and Bluetooth devices.  Registered in the hive you can securely access your phone or PC anywhere in the world.  The Hive software will be compatible with other Smart Router hubs.

For more information-

It is definitely very cool and has exceeded the KickStarter goal of 20K with 82K between 1,387 backers. It has 20 days left but head on over there for more information. 




-5 mm thick and 40 mm diameter.

-The PebbleBee battery lasts 3 years depending on usage – and can be replaced.

-PebbleBee works on Android 4.3 Bluetooth 4 equipped phones/tablets and Apple Bluetooth 4
compatible iPhones and iPads. Coming soon for Windows 8 Computers and Phones.

-PebbleBee can be commanded by the app to buzz or light up.

-PebbleBee button can be used to command numerous triggers on your phone, such as ring, or call your favorite contact.

-PebbleBee devices provide a range finder so you can view how far you are from your belongings.

-PebbleBee devices can be put in alert mode, so when your assigned PebbleBee leaves a configurable
range the user is alerted. The alert can also be paired to a location.

-PebbleBees can be located based on last known position detected by the entire PebbleBee network.
Location can be displayed on Google Maps for user to navigate.

-PebbleBees can be designated as lost. Owner will be alerted when it becomes actively detected on the
PebbleBee network by PebbleBee users and designated Friends.

-PebbleBees can be shared by owners to multiple other PebbleBee users who get select abilities.

-PebbleBee Friends can be designated to easily discover which of your friends is closest to your lost

-A PebbleBee application user can easily view status and manage dozens of owned and shared PebbleBee

-From an application on any platform, a PebbleBee user can logon to cloud sync their account PebbleBee
devices for use on multiple handheld devices. Once a PebbleBee is configured, the App doesn’t require
the PebbleBee cloud.

-PebbleBee devices can be designated by name and picture.

-Ability to operate in private mode to preserve battery life, and increase wireless performance

-The PebbleBee communicates with Bluetooth 4.0 enabling a range of 50-150ft and low power usage

-The PebbleBee devices are water resistant.

-Connect a key ring or Stick the adhesive backed PebbleBee to anything and everything! It’s the perfect accessory and utility to find or avoid any keys, bag, remote, car, dog, cat, child anything!

-Hornet Version: Includes a 9-axis (3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnometer or compass) chip and a temperature sensor with developer API to interface/control the PebbleBee’s 9-Axis data stream. Includes functions to enable/disable 9-axis chip and enable callbacks for motion data. Provide real time motion data over Bluetooth. Ability to control when and how (at different sampling rates) you receive data and users can follow easy to use, drag and drop action and trigger commands on the PebbleBee app to create PebbleBee scenarios. I.e. if user pins a PebbleBee on their front door, and door moves, even very slight movement will trigger a compass direction change, which will send a stream of data to your paired phone which will then trigger your defined actions such as sound phone alarm, or email your security company, etc. You get lost hiking in the woods and your cell phone no longer works? No problem because your PebbleBee on your keychain recorded your whole path back, and can actually help you navigate back. The 9-axis gyro can be used to collect endless high resolution motion data on your skateboarding/biking/skiing/motorsports….really any sporting activity and seamlessly stream the data on your phone for live viewing or storage and post analysis/replay. You can even keep an eye on your wine cooler and be notified when the temperature goes below or above an assigned number.

-Bumble Version: The PebbleBee can be wirelessly charged by placing it on a wireless charger for battery life longevity. This version includes an induction coil and a lithium ion battery at 150mAH and increase the thickness to 6 mm.

-PebbleBee Hive (hub): For home security or for networking PebbleBees across the world, use the PebbleBee Hive. It’s a hub that wirelessly connects all your PebbleBees at home, in the office or out in the field outdoors. The Hive seamlessly coordinates with the cloud over WIFI to notify the PebbleBee application user of notable events. You no longer need your phone to be in range of your PebbleBees for complete control! You can apply all your PebbleBees around your home and be notified of every movement in your home with emails, and notifications on your phone wherever you are. Actions, triggers and motion control can be monitored for multiple PebbleBee contributors across the world. PebbleBees can be shared and controlled anywhere the internet is available. You can play drinking games with your buddies across the globe with the PebbleBee attached to their beer mugs and know exactly when, and how far ahead you are by streaming live data through the PebbleBee hive.