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Bubble Grubble Comes to iOS for Free

Here’s one for the birds, or bird at least bird lovers.. I had to get that in there somehow.. Anyway yes it’s free, or at least the basic game is, if you want more levels you’ll need to pay 99 cents. it says there’s over 80 levels, but then it says free version comes with 5 levels in each zone but I don’t see how many ‘zones’ there are so I’m not even sure how many levels you actually get in the free game. Oh well, try it for free and if you like it spend the 99 cents to get more..

Bird game fanatics now have a unique way to engage with their favorite feathery friends with Bubble Grubble, a new app for iPhone and iPod touch which combines the use of birds, bubbles and game play physics into one jammed packed, addictive action-puzzle game.

Bubble Grubble offers hours of stunning graphics and tricky, challenging game play fit for all ages. The game asks users to help Mother Bird catch bugs by shooting them with bubbles and to use real game play physics, to tilt their device to float bubbles up to the hungry chicks. Bugs, however, are not always so easy to catch which is why Mother Bird has stones and bombs to remove obstacles so that the bug is set free to be caught.

Bubble Grubble offers two modes of play – easy and hard and provides hours of game play across varying scenes with over 80+ levels featuring oceans, mountains, warehouses and wherever else the bird family has flown to. For game fanatics, there is even a secret 81st level that is unlocked only to players who have successfully completed all levels of the game.

In addition to the stunning graphics optimized for the Retina display, the game offers five levels of game play in both Easy and Hard mode, as well as mandatory involvement of shooting, obstacle removing and tilting to win each level is sure to cater to action, strategy, puzzle and simulator gamers alike.

The Bubble Grubble App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at Additional levels are available for a one-time In-App Purchase of $0.99.