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GOTW #6: JumpyBall!

Yes I know its late by a few days, but what can i say? I suck…

BUT JumpyBall doesn’t! It is amazingly entertaining for a game that can do half of the challenge for you! Yes you can make the JumpyBall AUTOJUMP! AWESOME! 🙂

The object of the game is to stay on the paths and jump over the obstacles of non-path.  This sounds easy enough, but it does get tricky… At the same time though this doesn’t sound that interesting until I tell you that DavidK managed to get it to work with GSen so that you can just tilt your Fuze/TP to get the goodness even better! Read all about it here.

This will be a short GOTW because again I suck, but I expect to be back into action shortly.

Download JumpyBall here

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