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ICQ For Mobiles (Beta) Released (Free)

Looks like AOL just released a beta version of ICQ for mobiles. Initial reports are that it works well but slightly slow. It works for touch screens and non-touch screens and various screen resolutions are supported as well. (the Diamond and Wing are listed so the screen resolutions for the Touch Pro and Tilt should both be fine). Features and known issues are:

ICQ for Windows Mobile lets you communicate whenever you want, wherever you are, in whatever way suits you best. Update your ICQ status and information when you’re on the go. Change your conversation style, manage your Contact List, and much more. ICQ for Windows Mobile Smartphone has many of the same key features and the familiar look-and-feel of the desktop ICQ client.

Currently known issues:

  • Add Contact feature not yet implemented.
  • Search for contact not yet implemented.
  • Nickname field is empty when a contact with its ICQ number as nickname is edited.
  • Profile information is displayed as unknown when no information is present for the contact.
  • Unknown publisher warning present during installation of application.

It also appears that when minimized sound indications are stopped. This is a free beta though so you can’t expect perfection.

To download this app just hit this link. I haven’t tried it yet (I stopped using ICQ years ago but now that I’m reminded of it I miss it:))

Thanks to deepinside88 of XDA for sharing.