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Bunny Bazooka Comes to Android and iOS Devices

Yeah, it’s been a long day. Long story short, wife got fired for an imbecilic reason today. I hope your day has been going better than mine. A new game has just hit Android and iOS devices called Bunny Bazooka where you shoot a bunny out of a cannon or bazooka basically to see how far you can go. Sure it’s goofy but those are the kinds of games that seem to do the best…

Mobile Nomadic, an app development company focused on entertainment apps for iOS and Android, has launched a new app in the gaming category called Bunny Bazooka:
Animal Cannon Series. Bunny Bazooka is a quirky, arcade-style game in which the user aims and shoots a cartoon bunny from a bazooka to get the bunny to travel the furthest distance possible. The Company wanted to create an easy to play, entertaining app that appealed to a wide audience.

“The more straightforward the game, the more skill it takes to be great at,” commented a company spokes person. “We wanted the concept of Bunny Bazooka to remain simple to open up the skill gap between the average player and the great player.”

Users need only choose the trajectory of the bazooka, its firing power, and press “fire” to send the bunny sailing through the air. The game challenges users to find the right combination of these variables in order to achieve maximum distance traveled. There are a variety of objects located
throughout the landscape of the game that will help propel the bunny further. Hitting objects like a
covered wagon or a bomb will help the user increase total distance traveled. Bunny Bazooka’s
scenery is also encumbered by more treacherous items, such as cacti and longhorn skulls, which will stop a bunny’s bouncing journey in its tracks. Another feature of Bunny Bazooka is the game’s social media integration. Users can compete with friends by instantly sharing their highest scores on Facebook, Twitter, or via email with a touch of a button.

Bunny Bazooka: Animal Cannon Series is currently available for download in the iTunes Store and
Android Market for $0.99. For more information, visit the developer’s website at