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By Metro Fans for Metro Fans Check Out Metrosauce!

Not sure how well the title worked but it sounded good at the time! I wanted to let you all know that we have officially opened a new site called Metrosauce. As the title states, it’s written by Metro Fans for Metro Fans. Metrosauce will cover Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Xbox. That’s right, all things using the Metro UI. The discussion will stay focused completely on the platforms I just mentioned. With so much happening with Microsoft, I think this makes sense for us to do, and for me to continue to grow Mobility Digest as a more well rounded blog about all things Mobile Tech. As I posted yesterday, we are looking for people with interest iPhone and Android so if you are interested please drop me a message.

So check out our new site called and all the content we have been working on. There will be exclusive content over there that I am sure you wont want to miss. Also, be sure to drop some comments, we need engagement from our readers!

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