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Windows Phone 7 Gaming Arcade

So all the hoopla over the 50 Xbox Live launch titles got me to thinking hard.  Really hard.  Countless of times i’ve seen posters saying how gaming wasn’t important to them and how XYZ was all their looking for in a phone.  Well to you I ask, isn’t it cool to go Back To School.  Come on all you Rodney Dangerfield types-embrace and imagine the hours and hours of your life filled with the joy of mashing buttons and swaying your body to the rhythmic sounds of your favorite Xbox Live game.

Instead of dismissing the awesomeness known as Xbox  Live gaming on Windows Phone 7 lets just go ahead and join in on the fun and start being proactive and suggest titles/games of yesterday that you’d love to have another crack at.  They may even have an updated version of the kid class Spin the Bottle.