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C Spire to get the Apple iPhone 4S 11-11-11

cspire-iphone-4sC Spire, formerly known as Cellular South, has just announced that they will be getting the Apple iPhone 4S on November 11th, 2011. They have already started taking pre-orders and the pricing remains inline with everyone else at $199 for the 16gb, $299 for the 32gb, and $399 for the 64gb versions.  C Spire will also have the white and black iPhone 4 for $99 which also includes you signing for a 2 year contract along just as you will with the 4S.

Below is the rates that C Spire will be charging customers. Plans one and two say they exclude streaming but how they plan to police that or even detect streaming remains to be seen. Can’t be worse than the AT&T Tethering Police!

C Spire web page and pre-orders can be found here.