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AT&T 4G LTE expands yesterday (and today)

You may have heard that yesterday (and today) several new markets had the switch flipped on for 4G LTE.

I was not lucky enough to be in one of those markets, though I am close and they have promised it by the end of the year (we’ll see, fingers crossed).

If, however, you live in:
Louisville, KY
Milwaukee, WI
Tacoma, WA
York, PA
Orlando, FL
Annapolis, MD
Denver, CO
Provo, UT
Dallas, TX
or today… Twin Cities, MN

You now have access the 4G LTE data network.

I have to say, about a month ago I was traveling and ended up in two cities that had 4G LTE. I was blown away by how fast web pages and other data loaded. I was lucky enough to be grandfathered into unlimited 4G data and cannot wait for the network to go live in my city.

AT&T has announced their plans to have 4G LTE in “more than 100 markets” by the end of 2012. There website claims 88 active markets today. That means at least 13 more (including mine) should come online sometime in the next 45 days.

If you have a 4G device and can take advantage of these speeds, sound off in the comments below about the improvements/issues you have seen.