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Calculator Toolbox: Something for Everyone

Sure, all of our WPs come with a built-in calculator. But what if you are trying to figure out mortgage payments, or comparing an auto loan vs. auto lease. Not all of us are blessed with a mathematical brain equal to Rainman, so it’s nice to know that Calculator Toolbox has you covered. The app currently (just ask the developer if you need something that’s missing) has 32 calculators across 6 categories. No one is going to use all of these different tools, but it’s nice knowing that they are available when you need them. I especially like the Tip Calculator, which includes a gratuity and pre-post tax option. All of the screens are logically organized which simplifies data entry. The app has a nice Metro interface and offers the ability to pin your favorite calculators to the Start screen. Oh, and it looks good too.

Calculators included:

– Tip/Split Calc – Discount Calc

– Debt To Income Ratio Calc

– Age As Of Calc

– Adult BMI Calc

– VAT/Sales Tax Calc

– Nav Speed-Time-Distance Calc [NEW]

– 6 calcs under Mortgage

– 6 calcs under Auto

– 3 calcs under Finance

– 4 calcs under Percentage

– 6 calcs under Date and Time [2 NEW]

The recently released Version 1.7 includes a bunch of changes, and per the developer, more are on the way.

New in v1.7
--Added a new calc named VAT/Sales Tax calc under General.
--Added a favorite section to the main screen that can hold up to 6 calcs at a time to ease the navigation.
--Ability to pin favorite calcs to the home screen.
--Live Tile support for Tip, Discount, BMI, Age, DTI Ratio, VAT/Sales Tax, Mortgage, Auto Loan, and Auto Lease calcs.
--Enhanced the Age Calc.
--Added a "Save As" menu item to My Mortgage, My Loans, and My Leases. Extremely handy in a situation where you need to save multiple mortgages to be used with the comparison calc.
--Added WP7 Quick Cards/App connect support. Allows the app to be launched from Bing's product detail page.
--Various UI enhancements.
--Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

The app is available in two versions; Free-Ad Supported, or Buy It for 0.99. Check it out.

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