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Call of Carlos Appears to Be a Top Tier Platformer for WP7

Just looking at the art work and attention to detail on Call of Carlos which just went live in Marketplace and it looks pretty serious. And before I go further, it’s worth noting that it’s free. The description is pretty simple:

Use your grappling hook to escape the lava and collect precious diamonds! You take control of Carlos, an apathetic and chubby Mexican miner. One day, while doing his daily mining business, he suddenly finds a rare diamond inside one of the mining shafts. As he tries to break it loose, lava emerges from the bottom of the shaft! Carlos quickly grabs the diamond, takes his trusty pickaxe and tries to escape the lengthy mineshafts!

So far it has one 5 start review but it just hit. I’m waiting for my download to complete but you can check it out here in Marketplace.

UPDATE: I’ve played it now and can confirm it’s awesome. I lost at least an hour to it yesterday and I’m 40 levels into it. It’s ridiculously addictive and has great gameplay.  If there was a demo and then I had to pay for it, I would have paid for it. And once I finish I’ll go back to get all of the gems.

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