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Can Ashton Kutcher pull off Steve Jobs?

As many of you already know, famed funny man Ashton Kutcher is playing the roll of Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie called jOBS. There is no doubt that Ashton looks the part of Steve and his acting is pretty good. The problem I have is separating the real Ashton Kutcher from the role he is playing to make the real Steve Jobs come to life. Ashton, who is hilarious in Two and Half Men, is also well known for his marriage no longer to Demi Moore. Steve Jobs was intense and introverted and micromanaging control freak in real life, but Ashton doesn’t bring that out to me in the video below. In this scene where Jobs is trying to convince Steve Wozniak that there is a need for a computer system, I seem to always be waiting for him to revert back to his real self as Ashton Kutcher from the Nikon Commercials and Movies. At the end of the day, they share a striking resemblance but I just don’t think Ashton is hard core enough. So what do you think? Can Ashton Kutcher pull off Steve Jobs?

Video via ETonline; photo via the Sundance Institute


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