Yes, I know, its been posted already, but 2.8 million views later and well on the “viral” train, we’re going to watch it again damn it! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a technology commercial this funny and accurate! And how about the punch line? “engadget’s reader’s choice award for smartphone of the year.” BOOM! That’s it, just watch the video!


  1. Almost perfect except for not mentioning or showing almost any feature. Big mess up. But the rest was so good that it almost didn’t matter. And yeah I know they said Engadget phone of the year at the end but most people won’t even know what that means. They should’ve at least shown how good the video looks that the chick would’ve been recording.

  2. “not showing features” “perfect big mess up” — HEY dayasalion, smart guy, let me offer you another big mess up to watch out for: that would be you deciding advertising or marketing is something you should pursue professionally. Nokia ftw!! You can’t do no wrong baby!

    Hey Ram I’ve been meaning to ask you something… when’s the best time to go to the dentist? No wait never mind that’s not something you people can relate to.

    Hey Ramon, hard to do this justice over a keyboard, but when’s the best time to go to the dentist? ..

    Two thirty.

    Get it?

    Say it slow, get it? Two thirty? Best time to go to the dentist?

  3. Hey Simmons, I think you don’t know anything about Indian Culture. We brush and we were doing it before toothpastes are introduced for you guys. And since we do it with organic stuff, we don’t have to see a dentist, but you ;-) a different case.

  4. .. wouldn’t get it in part because you grew up on 24hr time format, the joke would make more sense to Ramon. And in part because, well,.. hey, you said India, not me. Not my fault that if I mention something like bad dental care and feces and corpses everywhere you assume the worst and then you break my balls just assuming I’m referring to a particular nation.

    Some of my best friends are Indian.

    Just do me a favor and take your shoes off when you come inside. New carpet..

  5. LoL. Now I get it. I am doing heads down coding for the past few days, and seriously need a break. :)

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