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Capacitive Multi-Touch Gloves keeps you mobile in the cold

I know a lot of areas here in the United States are getting pounded with cold weather and snow, or if you are like my Thermally Challenged wife, you like your fingers to be warm no matter what the climate. Editors Note: I have literally gotten into her car to move it in the blazing heat of summer and found her heater left on. So if not matter where you live or what body temperature you are (got her a heat rock for Christmas) then you might really find these Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen friendly gloves just the ticket for you and your smartphone.

MobileFun just sent me an email letting me know that my wife’s cold little fingers could be a thing of the past with their gloves for capacitive touch screens.

They are not the most stylish (I can her her complaining now) and will cost £18.33 or about $25.00 here in the US.

So never let the cold stop you again and separate you from your beloved Capacitive Screened Smartphone.

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