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Rumor: HTC will have 3 Windows Phone 8 devices by year’s end

I don’t know where they get their information, but says that HTC will have 3 Windows Phone 8 devices by the end of the year:  the entry-level “Rio”, the mid-sized “Accord” (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and the high-end “Zenith.”

If you have small hands (like me), you may not be completely happy, though.  With a 4” WVGA display, the Rio is the smallest of the three.  It will also sport HSPA, 512MB on board, and a 5mp camera with 720p video capture.  Next up is the Accord, with a 4.3” Super LCD2, HSPA+, a 1G dual-core processor, and an 8mp camera with 1080p capture.  Finally the Zenith will be slightly larger, with a 4.7” Super LCD 2, HSPA+, and the same processor and camera as the Accord.

I think that my preference will be to see what HTC actually releases, and what Nokia comes out with, and the compare them are spec and price.  Out of just these 3, the Zenith doesn’t seem to differentiate itself enough for me, and the Rio looks rather vanilla, so I would lean towards the Accord.  Which would “Fit” in right with my “Civic” engagement. (I couldn’t resist the puns: Husband’s car, my car, respectively.  Besides, then I could quote Jonny Depp’s Jack Sparrow – “Do we have an Accord?”  YES!)

I’m also wondering, why no LTE?  Isn’t that supposed to be the next thing?  Is it next thing enough to be a factor in considering?