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Catch Phrase Clone “Guess The Phrase” Available For WP7 for Free

imageCatch Phrase is popular party game so it’s great to have a version of it that’s available for Windows Phones and t’s from Herm’s Software so it’s a solid offering.

This game is guaranteed to make the dullest times come to life and be fun. It is a guessing game to play with other people. One person describes the phrase on the screen while others have to guess what it is.

In this game you can adjust several game settings:

– Round Duration between 45 or 90 seconds.

– Points needed to win the game.

– Which categories to use in the game.

– Display a visual timer to see how much time is left.

You may also select between three different game modes:

– The Classic Mode

– Like hot potato or Catch Phrase

– The Race Mode – Teams compete to get the most points until the buzzer goes off – Party Mode – Play anyway you like without any teams, scores, etc.

Nice. It’s free and you can check it out here. Party on!