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CatchMe – GPS Tracking Without Data

For those of you who don’t know Luis Espinosa he’s made some pretty neat applications in the past that are very useful. His latest freeware release is called CatchMe. The concept is that using only GPS and SMS (text messages) you can locate another person. This is good for people without data plans but also for people that go hiking a lot. As a lot of us have experienced, you often go through areas of very weak phone signals where you cannot make a phone call since the reception is so intermittent but all you’ll need to do here is keep a signal long enough to get a text message off. Both people need to have the software installed though but if you do you can find out the other persons distance and location relative to you. The app will keep retrying to send a text message until it can successfully send it. It’s a pretty good concept all in all.

I haven’t tried it out yet but his apps are usually very well put together. You can find the XDA thread here or go to Luis’ website for the latest version. Of course, if you appreciate his work don’t forget to buy him a cup of coffee to keep him developing;)