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Cell Phone Elbow? What is that?

Well I am sure all of you have heard of tennis elbows and carpal tunnel syndrome but there is  also something called a cell phone elbow.It might be a good idea to start getting used to the term “cell phone elbow” because it is the second most common compression syndrome after carpal tunnel syndrome according to Heather Turkopp, an occupational therapist and certified hand specialist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich. and with the rise of cell phone use I am sure it will only get more and more common.  In medical terminology cell phone elbows are called cubital tunnel syndrome and the problem mainly arises from holding your hand at an angle greater than 90 degrees (when you are talking on the phone) for a prolonged period of time. According to Jennifer Thomas at HealthDay reporter some of the common signs of cell phone elbow are numbness, tingling and pain in the forearm and hand caused by compression of the ulnar nerve. If these symptoms go untreated then it could lead to a loss of muscle strength, coordination and mobility. Worried you might have cell phone elbow? Read more about it at the HealthDay report.