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Fuze Meets TF3D 2.5

Oh man is it pretty:) XDA member Akao managed to extract the manila files from the Leo dumped ROM. Herg has been looking at these files and working to clean them up as well and he’s cooked them into a Fuze ROM. And I’m saying this early on – this is a beta and it has bugs. The footprint tab does not function, some tabs have some slight alignment problems as well which sometimes leads to items at the bottom being hidden and there is no landscape mode (it never realigns so you get a portrait image that is cutoff at the bottom). The photo tab has the pic slightly too large so the bottom is cut off but it moves a lot faster than TF3D 2.1. If you have a problem with the contacts tab (you’ll know it when you see it) then install this cab

If you’re capable of porting apps please assist the XDA thread to help complete this project. If you are looking to try TF3D 2.5 (acknowledging that it’s a beta for testing but you just love to test the newest stuff) then check out Herg’s thread in our forums. Great work to both Akao and Herg and of course, don’t forget that they need coffee and donuts to keep them going 🙂 I gotta tell you – this project makes me happy…Great work guys!

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