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Charge Anywhere Comes to Blackberry

Wow, I forgot the Blackberry still existed.  You don’t hear much of Blackberry at all really, at least I don’t but then again I don’t like them at all. I’ve tried a couple different ones and I just didn’t like them. Anyway, good news for you Blackberry owners out there, Charge Anywhere is not available for you so you can turn your BB into a point-of-sale terminal. Meh, whatever…


With the CHARGE Anywhere Payment Application for BlackBerry, merchants can effortlessly turn their BlackBerry device into a secure and intuitive point-of-sale terminal. With the ability to process a variety of tender types such as cash, check, credit and gift/loyalty, merchants can leverage a BlackBerry and turn it into a fully functional point-of-sale terminal for a more mobile and cost effective solution than traditional legacy terminals. 

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