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LifeProof Announces Waterproof Battery Case and More at CES

There’s a lot of news coming out of CES this year and posting all of it would take quite a bit of time, so I guess we have to pick and choose right? I’m choosing one that I thought was unique. We’ve had waterproof cases for a long time but I’ve not seen many waterproof cases with batteries in them to provide extra power. LifeProof announced at CES that they’re launching the fre Power later this year which is a waterproof case but it has an internal 2600 mAh battery to provide extra power as needed for the iPhone 6. The case is waterproof up to 2 meters or about 6.6 feet for up to an hour and it’s also drop proof up to 6.6 feet as well and it’s totally enclosed to keep dirt and snow out as it does have fully sealed port covers. LifeProof also unveiled a new line of accessories like bike and car mounts and belt clips. The official press release is below for you with all the details and links.


There was a time when water and smartphones did not mix. LifeProof, the No. 1 selling waterproof case in the U.S., broke the mold with fre and nuud waterproof cases, revolutionizing the smartphone and tablet experience.* Today, LifeProof changes the game once again by proving that electricity and water can and should be mixed with fre Power™, the waterproof battery case for iPhone 6, and the all-new LifeActiv® universal accessory line. These exciting new products are being debuted at International CES 2015.

LifeProof fre is the original four-proof case, designed for maximum protection against water, drops, dust and snow. The sleek structure includes a built-in screen protector and full access to all device features and functions. fre Power not only provides protection from the elements, but also adds an additional 2,600 mAh of battery power. The lithium ion battery doubles the iPhone 6 battery life, while smart charging technology automatically shuts the case off when the device is fully charged.

fre Power is waterproof to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for one hour, drop proof up to 6.6 feet and is totally enclosed from dirt and snow when the case and all ports are sealed. It meets military standards for shock and impact protection.

"The addition of a waterproof power solution and universal accessory line take LifeProof’s industry-leading product lineup to a whole new level," said President and CEO Pete Lindgren. "fre Power and LifeActiv accessories allow you to harness the remarkable capabilities of the iPhone 6 and truly live without limits."


LifeProof also unveiled the LifeActiv accessory line that utilizes a universal LifeActiv QuickMount system to enhance device use in virtually any environment. A low-profile, locking adaptor adheres to LifeProof fre, nuud and nearly any other flat surface. The adaptor connects using a mechanical/magnetic system to a variety of accessories for on-the-go use:

  • Bike + Bar Mount – $39.99 – secures device to standard handlebars on bikes, motorcycles, jet skis and more;
  • Belt Clip – $29.99 – fastens at the hip, on a harness or backpack strap for immediate access to the device;
  • Multipurpose Mount – $29.99 – using screws or an industrial strength adhesive, fastens to walls, mirrors and nearly any smooth surface for hands-free viewing;
  • Suction Mount – $39.99 – great for transforming a smartphone into an in-vehicle navigation system, this element attaches to glass and other hard, non-porous surfaces to secure the device;

For availability, pricing and additional information visit

* Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service: Cell Phone Device Protection/Units Sold 7/2013 – 6/2014