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Chinese Space Station set to crash… wherever.

First, it’s currency manipulation that we don’t want. Then it’s foreign government manipulation we do want.  Seems what we need is some space station manipulation.  The 8.5 tonne space station is set to plunge into earth’s atmosphere… whenever. Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell claims “It will come down a few months from now. Even a couple of days before… we probably won’t know better than six or seven hours.” He’s comforted us in the past with little bits of info like “You really can’t steer these things.”

Although they claim the majority of the space station will be broken up reentering the earth’s atmosphere, chunks as large as 220lbs could come down in a shower of flaming scrap metal.  Even more comforting is China’s strong reaction to the news of losing control of its space station.

Introducing the Heavenly Palace – 2, another purely temporary, probably space trash, soon to be earth trash bomb, that the Chinese government sent to replace its kamikaze space lab. So, if you were worried about missing the fall of Heavenly Palace – 1, don’t worry. China has already locked up the sequel, and has even turned it into a trilogy!  Anyone want to take bets? I hope it falls on Mr. Weinstein.