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Scientists continue sending aliens cheat codes for conquering earth.

I don’t know about you folks, but beaming messages deep into unexplored space with our genetic information as well as our galactic address seems a bit scary. I mean, have you seen Alien? What about Aliens? I’ll forgive you if you skipped Aliens 3, but David Fincher did the best he could with what he was given.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been a UC Berkeley project for many years, but a newer group splintered off with a slightly different and far more dangerous directive. Enter Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence or METI. Instead of just searching for habitable zones of life and studying them, these crazy assholes are broadcasting into deep space in hopes of contacting life in other parts of the galaxy. Their most recent attempts over three days in October were shooting info at GJ 273. A red dwarf star in Canis Minor is around 12 light years away, which makes it one of the closest potentially habitable places that life could exist. The idea is that we could theoretically receive a response in around 24 years.

Abandoning their previous attempts to invite destruction on the human race from my opening sentence, this transmission lays out our understanding of math and arithmetic as a base 10 system, as well as time keeping methodology, a base 6 system designed on our own solar system and more locally our specific rock’s path around said solar system. Despite how little we do know about life on other planets, it is most likely that our initial means of understanding would be math and numbers, which already cut across the boundaries of language here on our own planet.

Most people who don’t get enormous erections thinking about aliens, deride this group as a massively dangerous undertaking. I’m not even just talking about Stephen Hawking, who most people agree is the equivalent of dumping every character creation point into intelligence. Most of the original SETI group is against the idea of broadcasting the location and inhabitant details of earth to potentially interstellar alien species. If said aliens could receive our signal and make it from wherever they are to earth, the technological divide between us would be greater than the distance between Anti-fa and irony.