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Clowns and iPhones On A Plane

Weather alerts in Atlanta gas my flight coming our of Cincinnati stuck in the runway. I’m watching a couple people use their iPhones (4 & 4S) and can’t help but laugh hard. How the heck does anyone put up with that tiny screen? Clown #1 across from me apparently never has heard of multitasking switching so he keeps going in and out of the calculator and another app which are both in separate folders instead of using the app switcher by double tapping the home button. Hilarious! Clown #2 Insists on looking up words he doesn’t know on his iphone while reading on his floral printed Kindle. Yes a floral printed Kindle! God I want to tell this guy to butch it up. Oh great now the pilot delivers the news our extended stay on the plane is extended another 30 minutes. Yes I am stuck on a plane in some weird facsimile of Dante’s Inferno. Update: Clown #3 decides to put his phone conversation on speaker. Help please!