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Collapse Chaos In The Wild

collapse chaos 2 collapse chaos jmckeejr is normally known for his Chrome line of slick Touch Pro ROMs and in his search for the latest and greatest apps he came across a game called Collapse Chaos from the Topaz ROM. Thankfully, he’s extracted the files and cabbed them up for us and they resize perfectly for the Fuze and presumably will resize to other resolutions as well. There are multiple modes to play the game in but generally speaking it’s a Tetris or Bubble Breaker type game where you need to tap on color blocks that are aligned three in a row. You’re up against time in this game and the pace is fast which keeps game play moving. There’s a quick play mode if you just want to knock out a game but there’s also a quest mode. Within quest mode you can also enter the casino with mini-games that gets increasingly harder as you play and as you progress in your quest new features (like bomb blocks) get introduced. The game play is simple and the game gives you tips as you go along so you can get up to speed just by playing. The more you play the more game types you’ll get to (forgive me but I’m trying to write this up while I have a game on pause:))

This is a full featured game that is entirely polished so it’s a pleasure to play. It relies entirely on screen taps so no dpad…no problem! It’s great to know that AT&T is preparing for a non-dpad device and even paying attention to the little details like standard games.

Great find jmckeejr…now I have a game to resume:) The download is available here on XDA and if you appreciate his work a little beer money his way won’t hurt:)