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Mobility Digest Review: Samsung Gravity 3 Unboxing

Happy Sunday! It’s the start of a new week, and I’ve got another unboxing for you. Well it’s an unboxing, but it’s also a quick review, just covering the basics. Today I have another from Samsung called the Gravity 3 or SGH-t479. This phone is sort of meant to be for business with a focus on email, but it also has a focus on messaging and social networks.


Samsung Gravity 3 on T-Mobile Site

Samsung Gravity 3 on Samsung Site

Suggested retail    $179.99
Instant discount    -$120.00
Web-only discount    -$30.00
Total: $29.99

Price is from the T-Mobile site.

Samsung Gravity 3 (SGH-t479)

With great call quality, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and much more, the Samsung Gravity 3 brings you all the messaging and social networking options you need to stay connected.

Need a power phone to go with that power tie? The sleek Samsung Gravity 3 keeps things professional and you connected to the office with corporate email. It’s also cool enough for your personal life with a suite of messaging features and Social Network Service. With a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera, visual voicemail and more, you can so stay on top of your life in style.

Size:  4.5 x 2.1 x 0.6 Inches
Weight: 4.3 ounces
Included battery: Li-ion (1000mAh)
Talk time: up to 5.5 hours
Standby time: up to 12.5 days
Band (frequency): 850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)

Included you’ll find documentation, charger and battery.

The Gravity 3 has two keyboards, or one numeric pad and it slides to reveal the full qwerty keyboard. On the front you’ll find the numeric keypad along with six buttons and a directional pad with the OK button in the center.

Here’s the keyboard it’s similar to the keyboard on the Gravity T that I posted about yesterday. I liked the keyboard on the Gravity T, so I like this one as well.

There’s not many buttons on the sides just volume and camera, then there’s the USB port.

On the back you’ll find a textured cover and the 2mp camera.

Taking the back cover off you can see where the battery and sim card go. There’s also a microSD slot there, yes you must remove the back cover to access the card slot.

The first thing I have to say is that I miss the touch screen.  I’ve been using touch screen phones for a long time and it’s hard to go back to one without it.

Using a non-touch phone you do get accustomed to it after a while, but you still miss it, at least I do.

The interface is simple to navigate and it works well for what it needs to do.

Call quality is fine, as is battery life. It’s not a smartphone so you can expect decent battery life and not having to charge it every day.

In terms of usability it works, the menus are easy to navigate and the interface is basic but it gets the job done.

The Gravity 3 is good as a basic business phone and for some social networking.

The screen looks nice, but it’s bit on the small side especially for web browsing.