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CollegeTransfer.Net Releases App for Students for iPhone and WP7

imageHere’s a neat app that helps you find summer classes and transfer credits and it’s free which is always nice.   It’s a mobile version of

Will my credits transfer? Can I take courses at a community college this summer?  Which colleges accept my credits?  What schools accept transfersWhat course counts at my college? Can I finish my degree faster?  Finding answers to these simple questions drive college students and parents crazy each year in a frustrating annual ritual of information gathering. 

Reliable answers to these questions may require hours, even days of research.  The nerve-racking process of visiting websites, sorting through pages of information, numerous calls and visits to multiple schools and departments is an aggravating and now unnecessary rite of passage thanks to the AcademicGPS Mobile App. One recent user commented, "… I found 3 courses that I can take at the local community college over the summer for less than half-price…"

For students seeking summer courses or hoping to save on tuition, the AcademicGPS Mobile App from CollegeTransfer.Net offers unprecedented reliability and convenience.  Whether you are an adult student curious about how prior coursework will count toward a degree or a current student trying to save on tuition or earn your degree faster – the AcademicGPS Mobile App is for you!

It’s available now in the Marketplace/App Store.