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Com2uS Releases SummitX Snowboarding for iOS and Android

It’s that time of the year, skiing and snowboarding. if you can’t make it out tot eh slopes this year, you can do it virtually in the warmth or your home thanks to Com2uS and their new game called SummitX Snowboarding. It’s out now for $4.99 on both Android and iOS devices and i have to say the graphics look pretty good.

Com2uS and Free Range Games are proud to announce SummitX Snowboarding! The most fun, gorgeous, and realistic snowboarding game ever for your mobile device. The realism will amaze you. The experience will exhilarate you! And the mountains will be SHREDDED!

SummitX Snowboarding has you carving down the mountain like you’re actually there. Gorgeous mountains soar up around you, the powder glistens beneath you in HD graphics. Chose your boarder — guy or girl — and your deck and prepare to feel the rawest “true-to-life” physics of any snowboarding game in the world. Perform the best tricks to get time bonuses so you can reach the bottom. Upgrade your tricks and decks using the starting 1000 Cold Cash in the iOS version, or get 2000 Cold Cash once you buy the full version on Android!

Features include thirty six multi-branching runs on 6 different mountains with beautiful 3D terrain, six customizable boards, and a licensed soundtrack from over 20 rock bands (or choose your own iTunes Playlist!). With Airplay support, you can play at home on the big screen. Don’t worry about losing your best run’s score, either — SummitX Snowboarding automatically saves game data to iCloud!

Two-thumb sliding controls let you carve, spin, flip, roll and more. Tilt control takes over along with left and right buttons when you catch air for grabs and higher scores! Beautiful UI and art design make for simple and powerful gameplay. No distractions, just boarding! Priced at $4.99, SummitX Snowboarding is available on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market NOW!

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