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Comfortable Geek Intros MI-handle for Gamers

These look like styrofoam pieces stuck to the edges of the iPad and I’m sure you could just make them with some spare packing material you might have floating around. The Mi-Handle I guess is something useful but I’m not sure I’d want to pay for one…


Increasingly games are being made for tablet computers. MI-Handle for gamers offers exceptional control while gaming on your iPad. Gamers will appreciate MI-handles because they result in far fewer miss touches on your tablets screen. Users won’t accidentally touch the screen while playing games due to holding on to just the edges. This results in greater control of your screen touches than ever before. Any gamer knows that control is everything and MI-handles offer that. Everything from racing and flying games to strategy games become much easier with MI-Handles. All these features make causal gaming a breeze as well.

MI-handle for gamers are comfortable for long gaming sessions. They have an ergonomic shape that relieves the "pinching" effect that some suffer from while using a tablet computer. This is usually due to the thin profile of the iPad. The larger profile of MI-handles offer a larger surface to grab onto making them comfortable for hours at a time.

MI-handles offer exceptional control and provides an excellent grip on your iPad. This is accomplished by using some unique materials. The material that connects the handles together has a nonslip surface that contacts the back of the iPad and a soft cloth surface on the other side. On the inside of the handle there is a nonslip surface that contacts the edge of the screen. Combined these two nonslip surfaces hold the iPad firmly.

Gaming often requires the use of one hand, so doing so is critical. MI-handle lets you maintain control of the iPad with one hand while freeing the opposite hand for other tasks.

Games continue to get more sophisticated all the time and greater control is needed more than ever. MI-handles offer that control. Visit for more information.

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