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Infinity Blade II G4’s Best Mobile Game of 2011

The original Infinity Blade made a huge impact in the world of mobile gaming but none can compare with the sequel, Infinity Blade II winning G4’s Best Mobile Game of  2011 after just getting released in December 2011! There is no question that it is the best game, I have already played through and beat the game and started making my way back around a second time as we did in the first version. The dual sward play is amazing and the graphics are second to none. I normally fast forwarded through a lot of pre fight sequence in the first version, but the imagery is so vivid that it captivates you and holds your attention as you walk to your next adversary in the second version. If you have an iPhone, I cannot recommend this game enough. If you have an iPad, you simply must get this game immediately!

Infinity Blade II is available now at the App Store and will cost you $6.99. There are some in app purchases for  better weapons in you just can’t wait to earn enough to buy the Infinity Blade again.