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Confirmed: Xbox One supports 4K gaming

imageIn reading the crap people troll online, it’s clear that Microsoft’s biggest problem with a new release (as usual for them) is misinformation and their failure to quash it before it gets out of hand. Namely, the false rumors about the inability to resell games. Anyway another point of contention involves Xbox One’s ability to play nice with 4K. Let’s put this to rest now. Yusuf Mehdi (yeah he was on stage today) sat down with Forbes and talked about this explicitly. Here’s the excerpt:

All of the demos we’ve seen today at the Xbox campus have been on gorgeous flat panel HDTVs running at 1080p, the highest of hi-def resolutions. In the near future, though, Ultra-hi-def TVs (UHDTVs) are expected to become as common as HDTVs are today. Will the next-gen Xbox work with these next-gen TVs? “The video and interface portions, absolutely. Games developed for 1080p will run at 1080p, obviously.” It will support up to 4K at launch for things like Blu-Ray, but what about later? “There’s no hardware restriction there at all.” So, in theory, the Xbox One could support 2K or perhaps even 4K gaming – if there’s content for it at those resolutions.

Bring on the content.