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Windows Phone 8 Details Leak!

imageHoly crap. What a score!  PocketNow got their hands on a video intended for Nokia partners where Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore talks about Windows phone 8. Let’s just break it down for you:

Multicore processors are supported

4 screen resolutions will be supported

removable SD cards

NFC support and a “wallet experience’” so Microsoft is coming into the payment game

tap to share across platforms and products

Windows Phone 8 will share core components and the same kernel as Windows 8 ensuring app compatability

Zune syncing gets scrapped and something closer to ActiveStink comes back

Remote desktop capabilities in Windows 8 (like Xbox Companion App)

SkyDrive will sync data across phone and PC

Native code support

Apps will be able to communicate to each other

OEMs get greater customization, specifically the camera can now be customized for smile detection and the like

“DataSmart” will help monitor data usage

Automatic WiFi switching based on location

Proxy based interest so like the browser on the Kindle Fire or SkyFire MS’s servers do the heavy lifting

Corporations can deploy their apps selectively to keep them private

full PC level encryption

considering this is all top level stuff, it’s awesome. Add this to Tango and the small tweaks we can expect and there’s a lot in their pipeline so Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are going to have a huge launch this year.