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Consumer Cellular Gives Customers More Minutes, Text and Data Without a Price Increase

Hmm.. a cellular company giving away something like minutes and data for free? I have to ask, What’s the catch? Depending which plan you’re on the increase differs. For example on the $15 per month plan you’ll go from 100 to 150 minutes, but on the $60 per month plan you’ll go from 2400 minutes up to 4000!  The data will double on the highest plan, which is nice in itself. Full details below..




Consumer Cellular (, the number one rated cellphone service and exclusive wireless provider for AARP members, announced it has upgraded its plans by adding more minutes, text messages and data to most existing plans – automatically and at no additional charge, for its growing base of subscribers.

As wireless companies have been raising rates, limiting data usage and surprising their subscribers with exorbitant overage fees, Consumer Cellular has taken a different approach. As customers increasingly use more data and voice minutes the company has responded by increasing allowances and providing more plan options. Additionally, Consumer Cellular offers free usage alerts to their subscribers as they approach monthly allowances of voice, data and text usage, allowing customers to change their plan up or down as often as they wish, without penalty, in an effort to help them avoid overage fees.

“At Consumer Cellular, our goal is to always be responsive to our customer’s changing needs, said Consumer Cellular’s CEO John Marick. “We like to take a more proactive approach to servicing our customers, and our upgraded plans will enable them to stay more connected without additional costs.”

Consumer Cellular’s affordable “Anywhere” voice plans and “Connect!” messaging and web plans provide customers several options. As their needs change over time or even within the same month, subscribers can easily switch to lighter or more robust service plans.

The upgraded plans are outlined in the following table. The company’s “Anywhere Casual” voice plan and “Connect! Lite,” “Connect! Ready” and “Connect! Active” plans remain the same.