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Way to go Plugable!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know anything about this company, nor have I ever used any of their products.

But if you judge a company by first impressions, then wow! In preparation for a new device I plan to pickup next week, I ordered a USB to Ethernet adapter on Tuesday from Amazon. I like to have hardwire capability, just in case. The package is expected to arrive today with my two-day Prime shipping. This morning I woke up to the above email from Plugable, the manufacturer, providing a link to download the latest drivers so I am ready even before the product arrives. Now that’s some forward thinking there. Plugable has certainly left me with a great first impression. Hope it lasts.

While it’s a little icky that Amazon has already passed my contact info along to a manufacturer (I will be checking for unsolicited Pluggable spam, which would violate the CAN-SPAN Act), just think of how much easier this can make future device purchasing. Tomorrow you order a new Canon printer online, or maybe pick it up at your local BestBuy or Staples. Before you get home, Canon sends you a thank you email and instructions, with links, for downloading the latest drivers “before” you even pull in your driveway. That would sure save a lot of wasted effort, and most likely cut down on support calls and returns. Hope more companies pick up on this positive first impression. Hell, when presented with the option, I may even click on the “subscribe” button for Pluggable as a way of saying thank you.

Welcome to the future of computing.