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Contra: Evolution Now Available on Android

So it seems they re-made Contra and it’s called Contra: Evolution and it’s out now on Android for 99 cents and it looks pretty good! Apparently now though there are two guys and two girls as the heroes. I guess for you iOS guys this isn’t big news as it came out in June for you, but like usual us Android people get the good stuff later.. blah…  Anyway, I’ve got a quick PR for you with some details but more importantly I’ve got some screenshots and character art for you to see..

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International mobile game developer CocoaChina/Chukong, in partnership with legendary digital entertainment company KONAMI, today announced that Contra: Evolution is now available for Android™. The classic arcade action of the 1988 NES title has been faithfully recreated with updated high-definition graphics and sound for the Android platform in the first fully licensed Contra game for mobile. The game can be downloaded on the Google Play™ store for $0.99 at this link:

Successfully launched for iOS in June, Contra: Evolution reached No. 1 on the Apple App Store paid game charts in more than 50 countries, and the Android version offers tightened controls based on player feedback. Contra: Evolution combines all of the best parts of the original Contra game players remember with mechanics designed for a modern audience, from level design that captures Contra’s famed difficulty, to reimagined graphics inspired by the classic 8-bit art. Whether you’re a lifetime Contra fan or taking on the alien world for the first time, you’ll have a hard time putting Contra: Evolution down!

Contra: Evolution features include:

-Gameplay inspired by the original Nintendo Entertainment System Contra game

-Four unique playable characters – two classic, two new, and each with individual strengths and weaknesses

-Classic arcade-style run-and-gun action across seven levels

-Power-ups like the Spread shot and Laser boost your firepower

-Stunning visual style powered by Cocos2D-x engine