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Cool Color Icons For Your Taskbar

So you got your favorite theme running on your Fuze and you think life is good. It just can’t get any better than FuzeBerry or HTC Fuze Flip Clock V7b1. But how about showin’ your taskbar some love and make those dull HTC Icons go away in place of some very cool Color Icons? Well Check this out then:

That’s right, you can now trick out your Taskbar with these very cool color icons from massi959 over at XDA Developers for free! It’s a really simple cab file that you just download and save to your storage card for later use if necessary. Run the file from where ever you saved it and install to your main memory. The file is rather big at 4400K but with all the memory real estate we have with the Fuze/Touch Pro, it’s no problem.

There are two files to choose from:

Colored Top Bar WWE which will keep your standard call registry icons.


Colored Top Bar WWE which will replace your standard call registry icons with this:


Jump after the break for more of my screen shots showing off my new Taskbar and Call Registry!

Thanks to massi959 over at XDA for hookin’ us up and for AllTheWay from wmpoweruser for catching it!