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Ready Set and Go Buy Reaction Time

Reaction Main Reaction Scores Reaction Settings Some times the easiest ideas are the best and Reaction Time from Herm’s Software is no exception. There’s hardly a simpler concept. You have a traffic light that goes from red to green and as soon as it hits green you want to press the pedal to the metal as fast as you can. It’s one of those simple games that you play a few times and pass it along to your friends over food and before you know it there are bragging rights to be had. One of the features is that it keeps track of the fastest scores online so you get to compete against other people playing the app which is another great feature that keeps you coming back. You can also track your personal scores as well so even if you don’t have a top global time you can try to see if your friends can dethrone you. Oh and the time it takes to go to green varies so you can’t just try to mentally count down.

This is simplicity at its best. There are no age requirements and nothing to learn…just an old fashion draw (and a good time killer:)) If you’re looking to compete (and yup, Bbonzz, that’s me right above you:)) then head over to Herm’s Software to give it a go for just $.99. If you don’t I’ll just presume you preemptively admitted defeat;)

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