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Creepy Crawlies Augmented Reality App Available Now for Apple Devices

I’m not one for augmented reality, sure it’s cool on the 3DS I guess, but I really haven’t seen anything like that on the phone yet. If you’re into that type of thing and own and iOS device then check out Creepy Crawlies that was just released in time for Halloween. This app is game that puts creatures all around you that are out to get your blood and you’ve got to kill them before they kill you.


Creepy Crawlies, a new app available now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the creator Sina Bazargan-Lari, is setting a new benchmark as to what is possible with augmented reality in gaming. The app provides an immersive environment, fast-paced graphics and a haunting soundtrack in which the player is surrounded 360 degrees by creatures looking for blood. Swing your iPad to the left to kill the roach that’s approaching, or tilt your iPhone down to kill the snake at your feet, Creepy crawlies is not a game played sitting down – it requires moving not only your thumbs, but your entire body. This game is setting the stage to where all future gaming must head to! The high level of immersive thrills and scares in this game makes it a perfect fit for this Halloween.

How it works
Creepy Crawlies is different from most games available on Apple’s App Store. Using the device’s camera, gyroscope, and compass, this game propels the player into an augmented world of non-stop action. Players get to witness 3 dimensional creatures in the X, Y, and Z planar axis, with respect to their parallax and perspective. In other words, the player can move the device around to see and attack creatures such as a snake, cockroach or mosquito, heading from afar toward the user as if it is happening in the real world. This is not a game to be played sitting down! The player will also encounter enemies like rats, fire-ants, tarantula spiders, poisonous dart frogs, centipedes and more. This pulse-raising app combines reality with gaming and ties it together with a terrifying soundtrack to increase the gaming intensity!

The app is available for 99 cents and is available worldwide. The iTunes link to the game is as follows:

For a video trailer of the game, please visit:

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