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Crocheted Droids now for Sale!

I hope many of you remember our retired blogger and developer extraordinaire Mobile Matt Chapman. It pained us to see him step down (slacker) from the limelight of Windows Mobile development, but we got nothing but respect for him. Anyway, Matt drops me an email about a friend of his who is wanting to sell “Crocheted”, which is apparently very important to people who Crochet not to be misunderstand as “Knitted”, Crocheted 6” Droid Characters.

They just started their own website and are now open for business. The Crocheted Droids will be Approximately 6 inches in height and can come in a variety of different colors. These are custom Droids created to order, so there is a two week lead time. The cost of these Crocheted Droids is $21.00 dollars which includes shipping. (Anyone outside the US may be charged additional fees)

So what are you waiting for? They make a perfect gift and are made by a real person in Utah. You can email for more information or custom orders to: