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MobilityLeaks: Fine, I’ll Post the Damn Thing Myself [android]

steve_ballmerOn 4/28/2012 8:13 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

How ’bout an Android XDA challenge for you WinPhonatic? Hey holy crap is available, suggest one of you grab it and sell it to Smith, might make a few bucks profit if you make a good pitch. It’s actually a good domain name now that I think for another ten seconds about it. I mean, it’s no "mobility digest" which just screams Windows Phone fanaticism and screams technology in general just as loudly and sexily, but hey. Where was I.

We were talking about trying to branch out slightly from this winphonanza (also available but not as good), and I thought it would be interesting, particularly for our veteran readers, if we challenged each other to write an app review about an app of a platform foreign to the writer. Yeah, subtracts some authority from your review, not having used the thing, but it adds a layer that is tres interessant. So Murani, here’s a good layup, which you can twist into an anti and or pro Android rant: PDroid – The Better Privacy Protection, privacy control thing.

Let’s talk a little stroll through XDA. BetterBatteryStats looks pretty serious for battery freaks, which you could spin to take cheap shots at Android battery life. Oh, android-wifi-tether comes in handy for those with lame carriers that disable the built-in tethering thing, also it tallies your usage, people thought it’s long-gone (Google took it off the market) but nope, right on Google Code.

This one’s a bit dull, but an extra challenge for the nerds and enterprise users in us all, an openvpn client, doesn’t need root I believe: OpenVPN for ICS (no root/jailbreak required. Pit it up against this, DroidVPN – VPN for android (Anti-censorship), a VPN client war. Even duller, but higher nerd value, an SVN client: Real SVN Client. Smart Screen off is perfect for those too lazy to press the power button, uses the proximity sensor and light meter to toggle the screen. Pretty good.

Microsoft wares? Yeah, we got that. SkyDrive, OneNote, Lync 2010, Halo Waypoint, Hotmail, MSN, Skype etc. Got some Google apps too.


More of a PSA how-to kind of thing to get Google Wallet fired up: [APP] Google Wallet (APK: 1.1-R52v7) [09/03/2012]. Another PSA, Google Talk with video calling not restricted to wifi: [APP][ROOT] Google Talk 1.3 with Video calling, Now wifi optional. Another PSA, Youtube client modded for 720p on wifi and cellular: [MOD][2.4.4/3.5.5] YouTube APK with 720p HD playback (WiFi + 3G)

steve-ballmer-sweaty-developersFor some reason Google doesn’t let you use Navigation in all countries. Problem solved: [APP MOD] Google Maps navigation THE END OF THE ROAD. For our non-southeastern Asian fanbase: [APP][1.6+] Statistics Calculator 1.8

Maybe compare the features of this random Skype app versus the official WP Skype app: Skype modded – build v14. I didn’t read up on how exactly it’s been modded but probably for the better. Make contact thumbs high res: [APP] [ICS] High Resolution Google Contacts Photos (in stock contacts app). Here’s a Sense theme (yawn): [theme] sense 4 | aokp 34 | 27/04

Okay that’s enough. If you want to go crazy you can download the Android SDK and emulate before "reviewing" but the point here is to have some nerd fun with this. And branch out a tad. Like I said, we have Android phones hitting the site. Might get attention, like what business do these WinFreaks have reviewing android stuff… (not that the Android crowd shares your jingoist Microsoft mentality but you get the idea).

eric-schmidtOr fuck it just copy and paste this whole thing (after registering winphonatic) and slap MobilityLeaks in the title after this gets a few replies about how stupid or possibly good an idea this sort of thing is for a weekend thing.

Oh, hey Murani, nice handbag you ******* sheriff.

On 4/29/2012 12:13 AM, Doug Simmons wrote:

Fine, I’ll post the damn thing myself. Maybe one of you can respond with a winpho app article of the bet-you-didn’t-know variety. Hey, which is better, winphonatics plural or winphonatic singular? I think singular. Ahh I’ll grab ’em both now, why not. As for the article, going to have to censor out ******* sheriff though, which is too bad because it’s pretty funny. Right Murani, you cat-******** womb-broom bell***?