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Cup Shuffle The Game For Windows Phones

Herm’s Software currently holds the #1 spot in Marketplace for all games with Paper Toss. Herm’s latest release is Cup Shuffle which brings the old ‘keep your eye on the cup with the ball under it’ game to your phone with high betting and an online leaderboard that’s already exploded. Oh and yes, it’s free. It just received an update that lets you go all-in on bets and the difficulty and scoring can go way up now. You can see a lot more users getting into it from the leaderboards and that keeps it fun. Here’s the official description:

The point of the game is to keep an eye on the cup that has the ball and be able to find that cup after the shuffle.
This game has two play modes:
Free Play mode where you can practice on five different speed levels with option to Show Ball as the cups get shuffled and Hustle option which is fun to play with your friends.
Game Mode is the mode in which you play for points with imaginary money. The more you bet the more points you can score, with the game speeding up every time you find the right cup.
Online leader board is available for you to submit the score and compete against the other players worldwide.

It’s in the games category and is a simple fun game to keep you entertained for a few minutes at a time.