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Curiosaurus – a 3D Windows Phone kids version of Rush Hour with dinos (free)

If you have kids then you know the game Rush Hour – the logic games where cars are stuck and you need to move the cars to get the red one out. There’s a new free game for Windows Phones called Curiosaurus that’s awesome.  It’s the same basis rules however instead of cars they are dinos. Also, it’s all in 3D and looks great. In fact, when you move the dinos it highlights what’s in the way and it helps to solve the puzzle. And unlike most versions, this version is kid friendly so the boards don’t require a million moves on level 2. It has 50 boards and it’s really well put together. Add to it that it’s free and it’s a no-brainer.

I tested it with my kids and they were immediately into it. Always love seeing educational games that are this well put together and inviting.

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