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Curious BlackBerry 10 Omissions from Tech Press


We’ve lost count of how many times people have done OS comparisons and propped up Google Now and Siri compared to Windows Phone’s voice service. Yet I’ve not seen one mention of the crummy and archaic voice service BlackBerry 10 utilizes. You can’t even open an app with it. You have to physically go back and find the voice icon over and over in your app drawer anytime you want to use it too. No voice control over any app. BlackBerry 10 is carrying around a lot of bare bones features to check the box but not really gave too much time to usefulness.

A premium device that is in effect a cycle behind everyone else but priced like it is a cycle ahead. The Z10 will be $599 unsubsidized in the US. That is a whopping $150 more expensive than the Nokia Lumia 920 and only $50 cheaper than the popular and entrenched iPhone.

BlackBerry chose the UK to be the first launch market. Did you know that by December 2012 they only held a 6.4% market share in the UK? Yup, only .5% ahead of Windows Phone which tripled its market share in 2012. Not sure how much ground they can gain because that figure illustrates that the vast majority of their fan base have already switched to competing platforms and the dismal state of apps and higher pricing will make it a tough sell.

Like someone else said, it is quite possibly shaping up for the initial sales to not exceed Windows Phone 7 launch figures. If true, that stock will tank hard and fast and carriers will only give lip service to BlackBerry.