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Cydia – What is it and how to use it

cydiaiconWe have been working really hard on adding a lot of content to our forums for iPhone and Android. With all the years of blogging and reading in the forums about Windows Mobile, it really seemed strange to start a forum on iPhones, and even stranger still to own one! Well I have been hacking on mine and asked a very good friend of mine to explain a few things tat I thought other people new to the iPhone might benefit from. Maybe even some of the more seasoned iPhone owners might benefit or even add to it. First, let me mention in case you missed it, we have anew Glossary of iPhone Terms which would be a great place to start if you are new to the iPhone. Today part two of our series is all about Cydia, and what do you do after you Jail Break your iPhone. Now I know what you all are thinking, we have not explained how to Jail Break your iPhone right? Well we purposely are holding off on that so we could explain a few things about what do do after you jailbreak to make your experience  more educated and fun!

So what is Cydia?:

“Apple intended for there to be only one store, the App Store. However, we all know that is not always the way things end up. Hackers and developers were able to create another store called Cydia. If you want to be technical, Cydia was the FIRST app store. It was available with OS 1.x and allowed jailbroken devices to download apps prior to the app store installment. Those few who were brave enough to jailbreak their first generation iPhones on 1.x have seen an abundance of jailbreak ideas and concepts become a part of the OS’s. Rock was an app store at one time but since Cydia acquired Rock there is no need to go further in to Rock.”

So now you know a little bit about what Cydia is, what  do you do with it? Well to learn more about that, head on over to our forums where P1Tater has done a great job in laying out some facts about Jail Breaking the iPhone and how to do it the right way. While you are there, why not register for our forums? We are growing every day and we invite everyone to either come and take some knowledge from our forums, or leave a little by sharing your experience. The main thing is to enjoy Mobility!

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