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Gorilla Gondola Available for Windows Phone and iPhone–Xbox Live Quality Game

A video is worth a billion words:

Nice right? It seems to have all of the elements you’d expect from a full studio game. And before I go further, here’s the link in iTunes and here’s the Windows Phone link. It’s $2 for iPhone and $3 for Windows Phones and sadly there’s no trial (and a whopping 113mb download).

Here’s the description (which is the same for both platforms except as I’ll note at the end):

Join the unlikely pair of a Gorilla on a Gondola as they embark on an entirely original quest through mountains, deserts and space! Navigate both the silverback and the ski lift through danger and collect as many of Gorilla’s favourite snacks as possible.
Jump, stomp and tilt your way through a variety of ever-changing action packed levels, collect powerups and use your skill to get high scores in this high energy, action-packed, bouncy adventure. You’ve never played anything quite like it!
* 8 Stunning levels that will never play the same thanks to a dynamic level generator! Take Gorilla & Gondola to places they have never been before: Alpine meadows, caverns, snow-capped mountains, big city lights, underwater, scorching deserts, a high-tech factory and even space. Each level offers unique gameplay and challenges.
* Fluid controls. Gorilla Gondola makes full use of your device’s sensors. Swipe to control Gorilla, tap to interact with items and tilt to sway the gondola.
* Beautiful hand painted art. Gorilla Gondola delights the eyes with colourful, detailed sprites and multi-layered backdrops.
* High energy soundtrack. Every level has its own theme tune to tap your foot to.
* Huge high score grabbing potential! Skilled play is rewarded with massive bonus multipliers.
* Full Game Center support including high scores for each level, overall stats and 24 achievements to bolster your gamerscore! Are you skilled enough to reach the top?
Gorilla Gondola is great fun for all ages, simple enough to be played on a short break, and deep enough to reward those that master it.

OK so that Game Center element is misssing in Windows Phones (obviously) and isntead  you get “High scores for each level, overall stats recording and 24 achievements to unlock! Are you skilled enough to reach the top? “

Looks awesome and if you give it a go share your findings with the rest of us please.

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