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Dalton–THE AWESOME! with 2m downloads comes to Windows Phones

With a name like Dalton – THE AWESOME! you better impress…and it does. This title has been available on other platforms (Symbian and iOS) and has amassed over 2m downloads to date. That’s pretty impressive. The title features hand drawn style graphics and simple tap to play controls. But it’s a pretty damn good run and jump game. There are zombies (of course) and plenty of power ups that assist you to kill and avoid the zombies.

For now it’s free but I think it will get a price tag when some additions are made (namely Open Feint leaderboards, moe power-ups and some other features iOS has).

It is fun and the graphics are buttery smooth, as is the music. It’s a great time waster and the power-ups are well thought out to keep you interested in the game. Check it out here.