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Deal For You: Humble Mobile Bundle 2 for Android

It seems I’m in the minority here on this site, I’m all Android now… I did have Windows Phone and Android but it seems everyone else has iOS and Windows so I’m all lonely.. Anyway, I thought I’d mention something for the Android readers out there in case you missed it! The latest Humble Bundle is Android specific and it’s aptly named the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 and in it as of now you’ll find nine great games along with six soundtracks to go with some of the games and an eBook. The ‘more than average’ price right now is $4.60, so if you pay more than that you’ll get everything, all nine games and soundtracks and eBook. You could go over an just pay $1 and you’ll get 4 games the the soundtracks for them. The game are actually decent, the majority of them are I think. I’m especially liking Karateka Classic that they’ve recently added to the bundle, I remember playing it on my Commodore 64 (damn eagle always killed me..) and it’s that original game that also comes with the making of Karateka eBook.  There’s 5 days left in this bundle and I highly suggest grabbing it as it’s well worth the price I think..

Here’s the list of games for you:


Star Command

Time Surfer

Punch Quest

Bloons TD 5

You can get all the above and their soundtracks for just $1.


Pay more than $4.60 and you’ll get everything above along with all this:

Ravensword: Shadowlands (with soundtrack)


Karateka Classic (with eBook)


God of Blades  (with soundtrack)


I’d say that’s a hell of a deal… and very much worth it… it’s for charity so why not do some good and have some fun.?!

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