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Snow Lizard Launches SLXtreme Everything Case for iPhone 5 and 5S

So yeah, I put ‘everything’ in the title up there because all the functions wouldn’t really fit, or they would but it would make a really big title. The case is called the SLXtreme and it’s waterproof, solar powered and it has a 2550mAh built-in battery and of course it’s rugged. The battery is for extra power for the iPhone but the solar panel is as well, it’s kind of double power then I guess. The case is priced at $149.99 which might be considered a bit high for a case but you have to remember everything it does and take that into consideration. Pics and details below for you..


Snow Lizard’s SLXtreme 5 is the ideal iPhone 5/5S case for users who want to take their case on outdoor adventures. Featuring ultra-rugged, waterproof protection and battery-boosting technology, the SLXtreme 5 is now available.

“The SLXtreme line has a proven track record of protecting and enhancing iPhone usage while tackling the harshest outdoor conditions,” says Steve Calle, CEO and Co-founder of Snow Lizard Products. “We are excited for consumers to check out the SLXtreme for the iPhone 5/5S as it shields against drops, spills, providing peace of mind that their investment is protected.”

The SLXtreme 5 features an integrated 2550mAh battery that more than doubles the life of an iPhone 5/5S and includes a built-in solar panel for emergency charging on the go. Designed to be waterproof up to 6 feet (2 meters) with a rating of IP-68, the SLXtreme 5 maintains full functionality of the iPhone’s features for ultimate underwater photography.

The user friendly design makes it easy to slide the iPhone 5/5S into the polycarbonate case with a top loading lid and a quarter turn thumb-screw makes it quick and easy to charge. Certified with MIL SPEC 810G rating, the SLXtreme 5/5S will protect your phone from 6 feet (2m) falls, dust and sand. The new model has also been updated to include a 3.5mm audio input jack allowing users to listen to their favorite tunes, and watertight plug to keep it waterproof.

The SLXtreme 5 is now available in Black, Orange, Yellow, White or Hunter Camo for $149.99 at