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Defend your Apple iPad Mini

Apple just announced he iPad Mini today and if you are going to be pre-ordering it then you might want to add a case like the OtterBox Defender to the list as well. OtterBox just announced it will be taking pre-orders for the Defender Case but the problem is that you will probably have your iPad Mini several days before the estimated ship date of the case on November 6th. Apple is saying that November 2nd is the ship date for the Mini. the Defender Case will set you back $69.95 and will come in three flavors, Black, Crevasse, and Blushed. Crevasse? LOL

All jokes about the color selection names aside, the Defender provides outstanding protection for your iPad and is worth the investment to protect your device. I have been using them on all my iPads at home and it has kept them safe with the kids since they were purchased.

The Defender for the OtterBox comes with a built in screen protector, Port Protection, and a durable outer layer silicone to cover the tough inner polycarbonate shell. The Defender also adds a very handy stand that protects the front screen while transporting the device.

Head on over to OtterBox to pre order yours and just be extra careful for a few days!


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