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Office365 Launches & Mobile Productivity Increases

Office365 is bringing hosted versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint, Lync, and the Office Web Apps to businesses of all sizes as well as educational institutions and even individuals.  Of course their main competitor is Google Apps who offer their competing product for as low as free.  Office365 subscriptions can be had for as low as $6 per month. I am signing up today and look forward to the productivity this will bring me and my business partners.  If you are own an iPad and want to get in on the action don’t hesitate.  This will be the closest thing you get to turning the iPad into a mobile workstation.  In fact, this goes a long way into shaving the supposed advantage Windows 8 based tablets will have over the iPad when they are released in 2012.

There is a reason why Microsoft is the standard in productivity and its not close.

Check the video below to see a demonstration on the power and productivity that Office365 provides.  Keep in mind that Windows Phone 7.5 released this fall allows for quick search of exchange and sharepoint servers for email purposes.

Screenshots of different scenarios below:

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